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   Por el Hermano Robert Islas, O.S.B. «Mi alma está sedienta de ti, Dios mío»

Praying "for" Those Who Can't Pray: Cursing Psalms and All Souls' Day

By Br. Bruno Mello, nO.S.B. The stained glass windows were still blackened by night as I took my seat in the monastic choir this morning. The stillness of the morning was broken only by the silent flickering of candles lining the nave of the church. Soon there was a shuffle of rising bodies, first one, then another, until all 19 monks and novices were standing. Waiting for a trembling voice to ring out in a haunting melody:   Arise O Lord! And save me, my God! This psalm, Psalm 3, is one of my favorite little things about life in the monastery. It’s the loon’s call of invitatory psalms: chilling, unforgettable, unsettling. There’s an urgency to this psalm that is shocking - it’s a prayer prayed by one surrounded by foes, in dire straits, yet prayed with utter and complete trust in the Lord. I think one of the reasons I like Psalm 3 so much is because my heart is always in the prayer. There’s never a time when I think “I don’t really need God to save me today.” I know well that I consta